Utilize portion control in foods you love and keep them in your diet

Utilize portion control in foods you love and keep them in your diet
Utilize portion control in foods you love and keep them in your diet

Do you like the foods you eat, but think you eat too much of them? One simple adjustment to make each time you eat or snack is to simply reduce your portions. Start by reducing a serving, whether of an entire meal or snack, to a quarter less of what you would typically eat. If you still feel you need a hearty meal, increase the portion of salad or vegetable that you are eating.

Many times when people are facing weight loss or health concerns the thought that they can no longer eat the foods they love, and have to opt for bland options, sabotages the path to improving these issues. However, this need not be the case. You can begin by continuing to eat those foods you love, but reducing how much of them you are eating.

When you go out to a meal, go in with the intention of taking a quarter to half of your meal home. You can even ask for a to-go box when your meal arrives and pack that portion up right away to keep the temptation of continuing to graze from being an option.

If you find yourself snacking during the day, dole out a reasonable amount, instead of eating out of the bag, box, or container. If you continue to feel the monkey on your back, drink water to fill up, or chew gum, both to keep your mouth occupied and to take your mind off of food. If these methods do not help and you find yourself going back for more, then pack up pre-portioned amounts of your guilty pleasure snacks, along with nuts and cut up fruits and vegetables, before you leave home for the day.

The same goes for dessert, sweets, or soda pop. If you are having ice cream, dish out less than your normal portion. If eating ice cream sandwiches or ice cream on a stick, you can cut these in half and save the other portion for another time. For cakes or cookies, the same can be done. If you find yourself reaching for 10 cookies, knock it down to five. And, if you are cutting a piece of cake, then go for a skinnier piece. Cupcakes can also be cut in half. As for soda pop, order the smallest cup size while out and buy mini cans when doing your shopping.

There is no need to abandon foods you love forever, simply be wise about how much of them you are putting into your mouth at a sitting and reduce your intake of calories, fats, sodium, and sugar.


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