Researcher Predicts Extraterrestrials Discovered In 2017

Researcher Predicts Extraterrestrials Discovered In 2017
Researcher Predicts Extraterrestrials Discovered In 2017

There’s good news for alien hunters, as experts say that 2017 could be the year we discover extra-terrestrial life.

The Cassini space probe, which will end its mission in September 2017, has been hotly tipped as the one to watch, according to Doctor Simon Foster, a physicist from Imperial College London.

Cassini is orbiting Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Europa, which have a “good prospect of finding life”, he told the Express.

But the life forms are more likely to be microbial, rather than in the shape of ET.

It follows several false alarms of alien sightings this year, which got UFO hunters in a tizz.

Strange signals from Space sparked theories that other life-forms were trying to make contact.

Scientists were forced to consider whether a mystery flashing star was due to an alien mega-structure being used to harvest energy from a star.

Despite this, Doctor Simon Foster insisted that a breakthrough is on the horizon.

He said: “In the past, when we thought we had discovered aliens previously, it was a new form of star called the pulsar.

“We know hardly anything and when we come up against something we don’t know or doesn’t fit into out current understanding, it is quite nice to say that it could be aliens, whereas a lot of it is just a phenomena that we haven’t discovered.

“Either way, there is a breakthrough just around the corner.”


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