Violation: Cars Spotted Driving in New City Centre Bus Route – Sparking Anger Over Signs

Violation: Cars Spotted Driving in New City Centre Bus Route - Sparking Anger Over Signs
Violation: Cars Spotted Driving in New City Centre Bus Route - Sparking Anger Over Signs

In Southampton, frustration has erupted as drivers were observed violating a newly established bus route in the city center on the very day it opened, leading to concerns over the visibility and effectiveness of the warning signs. A specific stretch of Portland Terrace, situated between Spa Road and Castle Way Car Park, was designated exclusively for buses, cyclists, and taxis, yet private cars were witnessed traversing the road during lunchtime, disregarding the posted warnings. Authorities plan to issue warning notices to offending drivers before imposing fines in the future.

Criticism has emerged from nearby bus passengers who argue that the Southampton City Council should consider implementing more conspicuous signage, suggesting the use of flashing lights to communicate the change effectively. Concerns were raised regarding the current signs, with some residents, like 82-year-old John Sherman from Bursledon, expressing that drivers often focus on the vehicle in front of them and may overlook traditional signage.

John Sherman emphasized the need for improved visibility, proposing the inclusion of flashing lights indicating the restriction for cars. Irene Duff, 82, from Lordswood, echoed this sentiment, stating that a flashing light would be more noticeable, preventing drivers from inadvertently violating the restriction.

Even a bus driver conveyed that the issue persists, suggesting that the council could have installed additional temporary signage. However, the driver also expressed skepticism about whether motorists would heed the signage, indicating that more proactive measures, such as council staff patrolling the area, might be necessary.

In response, the Southampton City Council defended the newly imposed restriction, asserting that it aims to enhance bus journey times, particularly to the upcoming Albion Place bus hub scheduled for construction early next year. The council anticipates that this change will lead to a significant reduction in journey times across the city, potentially up to 10 minutes. Despite the current challenges and violations, the council remains committed to the long-term benefits of the bus route alterations.


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