Tiny Gerbils Visit Tiny gallery With Custom Gerbil Art

Tiny Gerbils Visit Tiny gallery With Custom Gerbil Art
Tiny Gerbils Visit Tiny gallery With Custom Gerbil Art

During this period of coronavirus lockdown, people are coming up with several unique and out of the box ideas to enhance their creative side and fight boredom. One such example is a couple who spent the entire day and constructed a tiny art gallery for their Gerbils. This adorable gesture of the couple for their furry pet is winning hearts of the netizens.

The picture shared by the couple on Reddit, showing their little furry friend who seems to be inquisitive about his surroundings and is excited to see the sudden change. Viewers can also spot small paintings of rodents where the gerbil can be seen clinging on it.

As soon as the adorable picture was shared across social media, scores of people stormed the comment section with their hilarious and funny takes on it. While some users appreciated the efforts of the couple who tried to do something unique for their pet amid lockdown, others just expressed their love towards the little one.

One of the users pointed out at the gerbil for chewing the painting just in front of the signboard which instructs not to do so. Another user on spotting the little one chewing the painting reminded everyone about a proverb which said that if one cannot steal the painting then the best way is to chew them.

A third user lauded the efforts of the couple and said that this is the most worthwhile thing a person might have seen on the Internet since the lockdown. Other users praised the couple for spending so much time and for the little one and designing an art gallery which is sure must not have been an easy task. There were users who started suggesting names for the gerbil after seeing him nibble and chewing the paintings in the tiny art gallery.

As promised, this is the full video of our gerbils visiting the museum. No gerbils or gallery assistants were harmed in the making of this. from r/aww


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