Tammie Hedges: Charges dropped against woman arrested

Tammie Hedges- Charges dropped against woman arrested
Tammie Hedges- Charges dropped against woman arrested

Charges dropped against Tammie Hedges sheltering dozens of pets during Florence.

The charges have been dropped against a North Carolina woman who was arrested after she was accused of practicing veterinary medicine without a license during Hurricane Florence.

Tammie Hedges was arrested last week after 27 animals were confiscated from her building, which she was in the process of turning into an animal shelter.

Hedges took in the animals during the storm.

Hedges was accused of lacking the proper permits to use the space to house the animals, and she was also charged for administering medicine to some of the animals while not having a veterinary license.

However, according to WNCN, prosecutors have decided to to drop the charges against Hedges.

“It is my desire that having ensured the safety of the animals in question, a dismissal of these criminal charges will minimize further distraction from my core mission of protecting the public from violent crime and allow the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board to take whatever action they may deem appropriate,” District Attorney Matthew Delbridge said in a statement.

A colleague of Hedges posted to facebook, acknowledging that Hedges had been informed that the charges were dropped. However, she still awaiting confirmation before she makes an official statement.


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