Regis Philbin Cause of Death: TV Host Dead At 88 After Reportedly Suffering Heart Attack

Regis Philbin died on Saturday morning after suffering a heart attack at his home in Manhattan, New York, a source told TMZ.

However this has not been confirmed as yet. has contacted a representative for Regis Philbin for comment.

Regis was known to have a history of heart disease, having an angioplasty in the 1990s and a triple bypass in 2007.

In 2009, Philbin had hip-replacement surgery – and returned to work after just over a month.

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Then a year later in May 2010, he had a blood clot removed from his calf – returning to work the next day.

Since his surgeries, he took a keen interest in staying healthy and living his best life after his retirement.

He told Closer Magazine in 2018: “Staying healthy allows me the freedom to travel between my home in New York and California, where my wife Joy Philbin and I travel frequently to spend time with our two daughters.

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“I also continue to play tennis, and I follow the stock market to keep my mind sharp. I am overall more conscientious of my health because of my past experiences with heart disease.

“Before my first surgery, I wasn’t very disciplined when it came to my diet, but that all changed when I had my first heart scare and my doctor discovered my high cholesterol.

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“I knew I had to make some pretty major lifestyle changes right away, including giving up the cheeseburgers and oatmeal raisin cookies that I loved so much.

“Today, I stick to a heart-healthy diet — mostly chicken and vegetables for weekly dinners.”


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