What you need to know when you are suffering the dark night of the soul

What you need to know when you are suffering the dark night of the soul
What you need to know when you are suffering the dark night of the soul

The best advice you can give someone when they are going through hell and their path is on fire, is to dive deeper into it. And when you are to the beginning of that manic hell dark night of the soul it’s the last thing you want to hear from anyone, even in the form of signs coming to you as it did me.

And to surrender How does a rebel soul surrender anything? It’s the very soul of you being ripped deeper, and torn wider open. Like someone or some thing just grabbing your skin and what is beneath by the fist full, just above your breasts and ripping and tearing it, laying it, your whole chest to your navel, wide open for the world to see. It hurts, it’s a place of extreme vulnerability, its humbling, its mana, its knee buckling. It’s one hell of a dive. It’s the most beautifully exquisite place to be and divine culture of being.

It is a particular manifestation of presence intelligence multiverse modeling. It’s creating or building a branch, a piece of sensation, it is both beautiful and confusing at the time. Various types of data are coming in, not your typical everyday cram, but mind body soul divine angelic godhead host happening in you, outside of time. And you don’t know because so much of it is physiological too, these unconscious processes, normally opaque to the brain unless you are or have made in your life of a way of being in an abnormal push to become aware of these unconscious processes.

It is a marked mental state, an integration that cannot be controlled as we are used to or have attempted to do before or at any other time in our normal waking life. It’s the sensation of major patterns, abstract. The words are just hard to find to explain, spiritual, different flavors of happiness, increasing the goal of inner and outer joy and harmony, to bring forward patterns and processes of simpler, ancient primary-primordial goals for life, your life.

It’s deeper, wider, beyond logic, and there is not always time to stop and ponder or to think and feel out the situation or to analyze it. It’s definitely done on your feet. It’s the seat of instinct; it is complex-complicated changes in the mass mind-godhead consciousness. I could go on and on, but does that make sense, when you are going through hell that is lengthy and stripping you of everything you know, you want a quick fix, a ‘drink me’ or ‘eat me’ pill, when there just isn’t one on or at this level.

People around you, will accuse you of being the worst human being, who are finger pointers and blamers-haters, but the exact opposite is true and happening. It’s called surrender. Next then comes resurrection, only you don’t know that at the time. All you do know is the pain and its destruction so diving deeper becomes a way of life for you. As you work through the maze of questions on your plate and in your mind awaiting the answers.

I think this is why mermaids are not always so obviously seen by everyone. They serve a greater purpose in life.


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