Largest study to date shows majority of autism is genetic

Largest study to date shows majority of autism is genetic
Largest study to date shows majority of autism is genetic

At least 60 percent of autism is genetically inherited through gene mutations. Fifty-two percent of the mutations that cause autism are directly inherited from parents and family. These are the conclusions of the largest genetic study of the source of autism ever conducted. The research was led by Carnegie Mellon University’s Kathryn Roeder.

The source of autism in children is in majority the result of the desire of parents with defective genes to have children. The study included the contribution of environmental causes of autism and found that genetics trumps any environmental cause for autism. The study was based on the genetic analysis of over 1.6 million Swedish families and compared 3,000 people with autism with a group that did not have autism that was the same size.

The researchers assert that the discovery of a genetic basis for autism that is so thorough and so complete offers the potential for new treatment methods and new prevention methods. An obvious preventative would be genetic testing prior to conception. Those people that have a high rate of mutation of the genes that cause autism might consider adoption

This discovery that included the National Institutes of Health in the United States and several experts from U. S. universities brings into serious doubt previous claims that vaccinations or any environmental source caused autism. The 2010 U. S. Court ruling that the use of thimerosal in vaccines was a cause of autism is now suspect of being invalid. Likewise the books that claim vaccinations caused autism are now considered to be less than factual.

In light of the facts produced by this new research, one must seriously consider how flagrantly greedy or desperately needy people that have autistic children may have been. Any target that has deep pockets has been fair game for lawsuits that allege a product or a vaccine caused autism. The facts produced by the new research insist that human genetic mutation cause more autism than any other factor. Now one would expect a new set of lawsuits that claim genetic causes from a variety of sources.


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