Taylor Swift Real Diamonds Bathtub cost more than $10M

Taylor Swift Real Diamonds Bathtub cost more than $10M
Taylor Swift Real Diamonds Bathtub cost more than $10M

Taylor Swift’s diamond-filled bathtub in new video cost over $10M, jewels were all real!.

It turns out the bathtub full of diamonds in Swift’s new “Look What You Made Me Do” music video was authentic, chock full of loaned pieces from celebrity jeweler Neil Lane.

A source tells Tunisiesoir the hundreds of carats in jewels — including those in the tub and that Swift is wearing (and biting) — are worth well over $10 million. We’re told an “insane” amount of security was involved.

Many of the designs appear to be vintage and period pieces from Lane’s vault.

A snake ring wound around Swift’s left ring finger – a nod to the imagery she’s been using to tease her new album — looks to be the same piece Zoe Saldana wore to the 2013 Oscars. Swift wears a second snake ring on her right hand and features other snake references throughout the video.

Swift’s new video has also been bathed in controversy and conspiracy theories since its release at Sunday’s VMAs.

Some fans have speculated that the tub scene is a reference to Swift sparring partner Kim Kardashian‘s Paris robbery last fall, when she was tied up and left in a bathtub. Millions of dollars worth of Kardashian’s jewelry was stolen.

People are also buzzing that the lone dollar bill floating in Swift’s tub among the diamonds is a nod to the symbolic $1 settlement she won this summer when a jury found that a radio host had groped her.


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