Amber Warnings Issued as Storm Debi Threatens 80mph Winds

Amber Warnings Issued as Storm Debi Threatens 80mph Winds
Amber Warnings Issued as Storm Debi Threatens 80mph Winds

Storm Debi has triggered severe weather warnings, with anticipated 80mph winds and potential flooding, causing significant disruption and danger to life.

Amber alerts have been issued for northwest England and southeast Northern Ireland, expecting high winds and potential flying debris that could pose risks to life and cause injuries. The alerts cover specific areas in Cumbria, Liverpool, Burnley, Whitehaven, and Lancaster, with forecasts predicting winds reaching 75-80mph in coastal regions and 60-65mph inland.

The Met Office highlighted the potential for structural damage, power outages, and hazardous coastal conditions such as large waves throwing debris onto roads and properties. These amber warnings are set within broader yellow alerts across northern England, north Wales, and Northern Ireland, emphasizing the risk of deep floodwater and transportation disruptions.

Additionally, red weather alerts in Ireland have led to power outages affecting over 50,000 properties, prompting the closure of schools and preschools in the affected counties until 10 am.

Matthew Lehnert, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, emphasized the rapid development of Storm Debi, prompting the issuance of dual amber wind warnings for specific areas in County Armagh, County Down, and northwest England. The storm is anticipated to move into the North Sea by Monday evening.


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