Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon break character on SNL (Watch)

Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon break character on SNL (Watch)
Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon break character on SNL (Watch)

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon reprised their popular roles as presidential contenders on Saturday Night Live for the last time before Tuesday’s national election, with both breaking from character to urge people to turn out at the polls.

The cold opening started off per usual with Baldwin as Trump slinging mud, kissing an FBI agent, Vladimir Putin and a member KKK, and thinking Twitter is private, while McKinnon’s Clinton grows more and more frustrated over the incessant questions about her emails.

Finally, McKinnon makes an impassioned plea to Americans. “Has the whole world gone crazy? Donald Trump has singlehandedly destroyed everything we Americans hold dear. Kindness. Decency. Tic Tacs. Skittles. Taco Bowls. Father-daughter dances. Buses. Bright red hats. The word ‘great.’ The color orange. Men.”

But when Baldwin starts to answer, he stops, breaks character as says he doesn’t want to yell at McKinnon anymore. “I know,” McKinnon responds. “This whole election has been so mean.”

“I feel so gross all the time,” Baldwin said. “Don’t you guys feel gross about all of this?”

The audience cheers. So McKinnon comes up with an idea for the two of them to run out into Times Square, as friends, hug each other’s supporters, eat cotton candy and pretzels and hold hands with fellow Americans in a unity circle.

Then the actors run back into the SNL studio and urge everyone to vote. It was a really nice way to put a cap on this horrible presidential race.


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