5 Unique and Rare Porsche Factory Models (Watch)

5 Unique and Rare Porsche Factory Models [Watch]
5 Unique and Rare Porsche Factory Models [Watch]

This recent Porsche video counts down the manufacturer’s choices for its top-five rarest factory models, straight from the company’s historical archives.

The list kicks off with the 964 Turbo S, with Porsche building just 86 examples worldwide which were lighter by 180kg (396lbs) from the standard Turbo of the era while making 355hp (360PS).

In number 4 we find the 924 Carrera GTS, the most hardcore version of the 924 this side of the GTR, putting out 242hp (250PS) and featuring fixed headlights, fixed plastic windows with sliders and of course a working hood scoop.

Moving up in the list and we find a true automotive icon, the 911 GT1, the “road-going” version of the actual race car Porsche made for endurance racing, with just 21 examples registered for use on the public roads.

Next up we find the 911 SC RS Group B homologation special, with Weissach building just 20 of these beauties which were lighter by 450kg (1,000lbs) from standard SCs.

As for the car that tops Porsche’s list, this is the 356 America Roadster, a lightweight version of the car that started it all produced in just 16 examples that were offered exclusively to the U.S. market.


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