Space: Adranos secures $2.1 million contract to extend firing range

Photo: Adranos Inc., a Purdue University-affiliated company that develops a high-performance, solid-rocket fuel called ALITEC for long-range missile and space launch systems, has obtained $2.1 million in funds from the U.S….
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Credit Image: Chris Stoker/Adranos

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Adranos Inc., a Purdue University-affiliated company that develops a high-performance, solid-rocket fuel called ALITEC for long-range missile and space launch systems, has obtained $2.1 million in funds from the U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Enhanced Munitions Technology Program (JEMTP).

JEMTP consists of personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force, whose purpose is to increase range, performance and lethality of the U.S. military’s firing systems. After reviewing ALITEC’s promising test results, the group elected to fund the additional efforts necessary to qualify ALITEC for deployment in prototype and operational systems.

“This contract was awarded after a thorough review of ALITEC by subject-matter experts representing the Army, Navy and Air Force,” said Chris Stoker, CEO of Adranos. “These SMEs have requested that we scale into tactical-size platforms and perform other tests to qualify ALITEC for adoption into various missile, hypersonic and other firing systems.”

Adranos was recently named to Pepperdine University’s 2020 Most Fundable Companies list. The company closed out a funding round earlier this year, raising $1 million and was recently awarded $1.85 million in funding to prove ALITEC functionality in a hypersonic propulsion platform and perform other related efforts.

Last year, Adranos successfully tested a prototype rocket powered by its ALITEC rocket fuel and was the winner of the Army’s inaugural xTechSearch competition.

Technology used by Adranos is licensed through the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization, which patented the technology. Adranos is located in Purdue Research Park.


About Adranos

Adranos Inc. regularly performs research and development of energetic materials and is primarily focused on increasing the range in missiles and other firing systems. Adranos’ capabilities include the manufacturing and testing of rocket motors and other related activities.

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