Bogoslof Volcano eruption sparks alert

Bogoslof Volcano eruption sparks alert
Bogoslof Volcano eruption sparks alert

Bogoslof volcano in the Aleutian Islands was continuing to produce ash and aviation concerns after its third eruption of the week Friday morning.

Bogoslof had a second big explosive eruption during the night of 12/21. The plume might have been slightly taller than the first explosion, topping out at 10.6 kilometers (35,000 feet).

Just like the first eruption, the activity was short-lived, with the explosions ending within 30 minutes. These eruptions have been full of volcanic lightning, which is characteristic of vulcanian eruptions that eject mostly old material in the vent area (Note: after some discussion with folks in the know, these eruptions likely have a lot of interaction with seawater, creating fine ash that is prone to lightning.

This Surtseyan style of eruption is a mix of new magma and water to create some of the dramatic explosions). Vulcanian eruptions can be isolated events or the opening salvo of longer periods of activity, so Bogoslof will be very interesting to watch over the next few weeks. The volcano currently sits at Orange/Watch status.


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