Moon Lunar Meteorite, Is Up For Auction

Moon Lunar Meteorite, Is Up For Auction
Moon Lunar Meteorite, Is Up For Auction

Moon Lunar Meteorite, Is Up For Auction.

A lunar meteorite comprised of six fragments that fit together like a puzzle to form a mass weighing slightly over 12 pounds is set to fetch a large chunk of money at auction.

Boston-based RR Auction values the meteorite, which is affectionately called “The Moon Puzzle,” at $500,000.

Scientifically speaking, the meteorite is classified as NWA 11789.

“A highly important, world-class example of a lunar meteorite, this was blasted off the surface of our moon in the distant past, likely by the impact of a different meteorite, then journeyed the quarter-million miles to Earth and—against all odds—survived a fiery descent through our atmosphere to be found in the wilds of the deserts of Northwest Africa in 2017, hence its official scientific name ‘NWA’ for Northwest Africa,” the company said on its Space Exploration Auction page.

The meteorite is “unpaired” and it is said to be more valuable to collectors because it is not connected to any other known meteorites.

Virtually none of the world’s top museums have a lunar meteorite that is anywhere near the size and uniqueness.

It’s also the largest known, complete lunar puzzle.

The auction launched Wednesday and will end on Oct. 18.


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