Maine officers boy chemo: Liam escort to final treatment

Maine officers boy chemo: Liam escort to final treatment
Maine officers boy chemo: Liam escort to final treatment

Maine officers boy chemo: Liam escort to final treatment.

Thursday we met 7-year-old Liam from Bangor, he has terminal cancer.

He also has an outlook on things that’s hard to match…

Brian Sullivan was there as those whose lives he has touched gave him the ride of a lifetime.

“I’m Batman,” said the 7-year-old who goes by Liam.

“Today’s special, it’s my last treatment.”

“Liam has been in treatment for over a year now for high grade glioma,” said Liam’s mother Devin. “He is finishing chemo today.”

“He understands what’s going on,” she said. “He knows his treatment. He knows the prognosis somewhat. He was only given a year. He wasn’t supposed to make it until April and here is, he’s just going.”

He’s a happy kid. A happy kid with a dream.

“Liam has always wanted to be an officer.”

He even has a favorite.

“Officer Dan,” he said.

Dan Gastia from Bangor PD and Liam have struck up a friendship over the last year.

“To see how strong he is as an individual is something that I admire,” said Gastia. “He’s faced a lot of adversity through this and he’s a strong individual.”

On Thursday morning Officer Dan and members of the Penobscot County Sheriffs Department gave Liam a ride to his appointment..

“I’m going to be driving a police car to Cancer Care.”

“Pretty exciting when the young man gets to get in the vehicle and use the radio and he inspired us and we thought we were here for him and I think he’s done so much for our community for all of us, just a blessing to be a part of it,” said Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton.

“Liam wants to be a police officer when he grows up,” said Barbara Ford from Shepherd’s Godparent Home of Bangor . “For Liam that’s a dream that he won’t be able to realize because of his illness but we wanted him to have that moment today.”

“He’s just amazing,” said Devin. “He is is my inspiration. He’s a great kid.”


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