Limo crash funeral: 8 of 20 killed in NY limo crash

Limo crash funeral: 8 of 20 killed in NY limo crash
Limo crash funeral: 8 of 20 killed in NY limo crash

Limo crash funeral: 8 of 20 killed in NY limo crash.

Grieving family and friends of the four sisters killed in a limo crash cried and clung together for support at the emotional wake on Friday.

Dozens of mourners attended the joint service for sisters Amy Steenburg, Abby Jackson, Mary Dyson, and Allison King.

The family were on their way to celebrate Amy’s 30th birthday on Saturday when the limo careened out of control across an interstate in Schohaire, upstate New York, and crashed into a parked car before spinning off into a ravine.

In total 20 people were killed, including the limo driver and two pedestrians in America’s deadliest transportation accident since a plane crash killed 50 in 2009.

On Friday, the line to enter St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church in Amsterdam stretched for more than two blocks as relatives and friends of the eight family members gathered to remember their lives.

‘I think if you’re a mother, if you have children, you’re united,’ mourner Karen Graziano told CBS News. ‘How can you not be united?’

The sisters’ devastated parents, Tom and Linda King, were in attendance.

Patti Drygula, who is friends with Adam Jackson’s mother, Beth, said the families were struggling to come to terms with the loss.

‘I saw her at the house a couple days ago,’ said Patti Drygula. ‘She was pretty good. She was focused on the grandchildren. You know, she was just going through the motions.’

‘The girls are being buried together, although I don’t think I can say buried because all my sisters are being cremated,’ their brother Tom King told the New York Post.

King, one of seven siblings, said the tragedy has been especially difficult for his parents, who are ‘torn up inside and haven’t let that go yet.’

‘My brother and I, we are trying to keep their daily routine as normal as possible, but we can’t. There’s nothing normal about this,’ he said.

He said that the husbands of Amy, Abby and Mary, who were also killed in the limo crash, will be buried separately.


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