A-Rod mercilessly douse Alex Rodriguez in champagne

A-Rod mercilessly douse Alex Rodriguez in champagne
A-Rod mercilessly douse Alex Rodriguez in champagne

A-Rod mercilessly douse Alex Rodriguez in champagne.

For the rare local fan that wanted to see Alex Rodriguez join the Red Sox in his prime, the image that appeared on TV early Saturday morning was a falsified vision of a dream come true.

For the majority of fans that preferred Rodriguez stay as far away from Boston as possible back in the day, the same picture of him in a Red Sox uniform was a small-scale version of a nightmare.

Only in this scenario, Rodriguez wasn’t actually joining the Red Sox, which certainly softened the blow. Rather, he was dutifully honoring a lost bet with longtime foe David Ortiz that was sure to make Sox fans grin.

Before the Red Sox-Yankees series started, Rodriguez and Ortiz each selected which team they thought would win. Rodriguez, naturally, took the Yankees, and Ortiz – in a shocking twist – picked the Red Sox.

They decided that the loser would have to sport the full uniform of the other team on Fox Sports, while the winner mercilessly doused them with champagne.

When the Red Sox knocked off the Yankees on Tuesday, Ortiz waited a full three days for his moment, which was likely torture. It finally came after Friday’s Brewers-Dodgers game, and Ortiz certainly didn’t squander it.

When Rodriguez emerged wearing a blue and red hat, red jersey and sleeves, red belt, white pants and red socks, Ortiz had his phone ready to capture the humiliation and hilarity.

“I hate those stupid goggles,” Rodriguez said, pointing to the specs on Ortiz’s face.

Rodriguez proceeded to rip off the Red Sox jersey and reveal a Yankees shirt, noting that he’s a “Yankee for life.” As he did, Ortiz swarmed immediately and poured champagne all over his body.

“This is how we do it in Boston!” Ortiz belted.

By that point, Rodriguez had goggles on himself and was simply trying to take cover, but Ortiz wasn’t done. He busted out a second bottle of champagne and went in for round two.


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