Joni Gaddy details her escape from alligators

Joni Gaddy details her escape from alligators
Joni Gaddy details her escape from alligators

Joni Gaddy had a death-defying escape from alligator-infested waters after her home was destroyed by floods.

Joni Gaddy was rescued by her son, who drove all the way from Texas because he was worried about her, and her nephew.

Gaddy said she saw alligators and snakes swimming outside her home and she prayed they wouldn’t get inside. And she just kept praying that someone would come and get her. She said she heard helicopters flying near her home, but none ever flew directly over her home. She had hung sheets out of the windows to try to get someone’s attention.

Gaddy was able to rescue one of her dogs, but had to leave Caroline back in the house. Gaddy left Caroline on a bed with some food.

Gaddy wrote on her Facebook page Thursday after her dog was rescued: “To God be the glory! They rescued my golden retriever Caroline!!!!”

Gaddy’s two horses — one pregnant — were missing. ASPCA workers said they looked around the home for the horses but did not see them.


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