Garrett Johnson: Homeless Man Can’t Walk from Pain of Torn Shoes

Garrett Johnson: Homeless Man Can't Walk from Pain of Torn Shoes
Garrett Johnson: Homeless Man Can't Walk from Pain of Torn Shoes

Garrett Johnson: Homeless Man Can’t Walk from Pain of Torn Shoes.

You can never have too much of a good thing. Random acts of kindness should be the gifts that keep on giving, every day and everywhere.

We’ve seen the viral videos on social media that portray these random acts. Like the guy who gave a homeless veteran the shoes off his own feet. Remember him?

Or what about the police officer who helped a homeless man shave so he could get a job at McDonald’s?

Good Samaritans are everywhere. One such good Samaritan was caught in the act while heading to grab a bite to eat.

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Garrett Johnson is a college student who plays football for the University of Tennessee. According to a video posted by AZ Central, he made the team as a walk-on.

Johnson’s Twitter handle speaks a thousand words about this young man’s character. @John14Almighty is not your average guy.

This was proven when he came across a homeless man one night. Johnson posted a video on Twitter that captured the entire encounter.

“I walked to the strip to get food and a homeless man (Lala) couldn’t walk because his feet were hurting from the torn shoes he had on,” Johnson wrote. “I told him I would come back and 15 mins later I did.”

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But the student didn’t come back empty-handed. Instead, he returned to offer the man his own shoes. In the video, it appears he brought multiple pairs for the man to try on.

Johnson showed the utmost concern for the man, treating him as a fellow human and even inquiring if he liked the shoes.

“Thanks guys,” a woman off camera, who called the man her brother, said. Johnson ended the encounter by offering to shake the man’s hand.

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This video has received quite a bit of attention with 490,000 views as of Thursday morning. But Johnson remains humble about his viral act.

“For those that know me personally, know I have done and will continue random acts of kindness on and off camera,” he wrote on Twitter.

“This particular instance was an opportunity to shed light on how a simple act of kindness can impact someone,” he added. “Let’s spread love and positivity more often.”


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