Driver revives squirrel he hit with car (Watch)

Driver revives squirrel he hit with car (Video)
Driver revives squirrel he hit with car (Video)

Good Samaritan driver revives squirrel after car scare.

Bizarre video footage shows the moment a driver revived a squirrel he hit with his car using CPR.

Officers from Brooklyn Park Police in Minnesota recorded the incredible incident on their bodycams while on routine patrol, with the force later sharing the clip on Facebook.

They were alerted to a car stopped in the middle of the road, and saw a young man bent down over the kurb.

On checking to see whether he was okay, they were shocked to see him trying to revive the furry animal with gentle chest compressions.

They asked the driver what he was doing, and were told ‘I kind of ran him over a little bit. ‘Yeah, so you know, try to help it out.’ He says that he belives the squirrel only sustained a very slight injury from the collision with his Subaru.

The squirrel can be seen lying stationary on its back, and it appears that any hope of it being revived is lost. But after one of the officers suggests during the squirrel over, the driver continues to massage him – and the animal begins to move.

Moments later the squirrel takes off into the woods, apparently fully recovered from its ordeal.


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