Bronx cop Ahmd Ayoubi nominated for saving bleeding man’s life

Bronx cop Ahmd Ayoubi nominated for saving bleeding man's life
Bronx cop Ahmd Ayoubi nominated for saving bleeding man's life

Ahmd Ayoubi, a Bronx cop expertly applied a tourniquet on a man who nicked an artery in his arm and was minutes away from death following a robbery — and the quick action saved the man’s life, according to a doctor at Jacobi Medical Center who praised the quick-thinking officer.

“The tourniquet had been applied perfectly,” Dr. Sheldon Teperman, head of trauma for Jacobi Medical Center said of Police Officer Ahmd Ayoubi. “This thing was bleeding like a fire hydrant. There is no question that this officer saved this man’s life.”

For his quick — and correct action — Ayoubi was named a candidate for the Daily News’ Hometown Hero award.

Ahmd Ayoubi, 28, and his partner were called to the corner of Bronx Blvd. and Duncomb Ave. in Williamsbridge on Aug. 27 when they found the 37-year-old victim on the ground bleeding from the arm.

“The artery was cut and he was bleeding heavily,” Ayoubi said. “He was applying pressure to the wound, but was lying on the ground in a puddle of his own blood. That’s when I went back to my patrol car and grabbed the trauma kit.”

As luck would have it, Ayoubi had been trained on how to apply a tourniquet about three weeks prior.

“The training just kicked in,” Ayoubi said modestly about stopping the bleeding. “If I didn’t have the training, I probably would have been a chicken without a head. The training kept me calm and collected.”


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