You can control your genes with your thoughts

You can control your genes with your thoughts
You can control your genes with your thoughts

A consideration of operating a gene network via brainwaves appears to be from a script from a science fiction story. However research has shown this is really possible. ETH Zurich reported about research dealing with controlling genes with your thoughts.

The first gene network to be operated via brainwaves has been developed by Professor Martin Fussenegger and his associates at ETH. Various amounts of a desired molecule can be produced in this manner depending on the user’s thoughts. The game Mindflex which picks up brainwaves in order to guide a ball through an obstacle course served as an inspirational force behind this project. These researchers have developed a novel gene regulation system which allows thought-specific brainwaves to control the conversion of genes into proteins, or in technical terms what is called gene expression.

Fussenegger says that for the first time researchers have been able to tap into human brainwaves and than transfer them wirelessly to a gene network which can regulate the expression of a gene depending on the type of thought. He goes on to say having developed the ability to control gene expression via the power of thought is a dream they’ve been searching for. This research has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

Mind-controlled electromechanical man-machine interfaces which enable brain activities to intentionally control bionic prostheses has been pioneered by cybernetics. Electromolecular machine-man interfaces which enable light-controlled therapeutic interventions by modulating brain, heart and gene activities have been established with optogenetics.

Researchers have now combined cybernetics with optogenetics to provide the missing link in order to enable mental states such as biofeedback, concentration and meditation to directly have control over the transgene expression in living cells and mammals. This opens up considerations of entirely new horizons in dealing with what orthodox schools of thought have labeled as intractable general health and mental health conditions.


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