Surrendering is to shift from resistance to acceptance

Surrendering is to shift from resistance to acceptance
Surrendering is to shift from resistance to acceptance

It is the shift from that with form to that without form. The suffering comes from a strong sense of separateness and the need to control and dominate. It is your resistance to the free flow of life that causes you to fear surrender. You are not giving up everything you own but learning to make life effortless and rowing your boat gently down the stream.

The quality of what you are making becomes enhanced enormously when you surrender to calling things and experiences ‘good or bad.’ If you are unhappy now, separate this moment out away from what it is that is going on, but do not keep running negative mental images and words in your mind. Surrender to what is, that is your flashlight cutting through the fog. What can you do to improve it or take action now?

The action you make move towards may not bear fruit immediately then use this time to go deeply into now. Accept it and flow effortlessly with it. Take action one thing at a time. The results look after the quality of mind you are experiencing now. Learn from nature and see that everything is accomplished in time. Do not let external conditions control you. You are no longer coming from reacting and resistance.

Focus not on scattering your energies all over and what you can do here and there. Do not resist what is.When you operate like this life becomes effortless and flows more easily for you and your changes come more easily for you. Change can come in ways you are not expecting. Do not keep running worries and images that project you into your mental future.

Seek pockets of resistance when you are suffering and let it go. The suffering comes when you are in complete opposition to what is going on. “I don’t want to be here.” What does it feel like? Walking out is not always an option. You are here always is it so hard to accept that? Do you need to label ever sense and feeling, do you need to react to every single experience? Do you always need to have a continuous reactive ‘like or dislike’ with everything going on in life? Where you are almost in a continuous conflict with life and everyone in it.

The habitual and reactive strengthens the ego. The ego is what does not survive when you surrender these ideas. You have so much to do, but what is the quality of your doing? How mindfully are you into what you are doing? This is what decides your success in life. If you are feeling the slightest whim of ‘not wanting to do’ then this is resistance. Is your doing surrendered or not surrendered? Needing a certain future or result. A truly successful outcome is not possible.

Doing one thing at a time and focusing solely on that action is surrendering. Your acceptance of what is no longer depends on the mind judgment of ‘good or bad’ and you then feel the spaces of peacefulness. Your background of peace remains undisturbed and is not dependent on external conditions. Surrender becomes so much easier when you realize the world cannot give you anything of lasting value and you are able to enjoy experiences and people as they are without demanding they please you in some way. Every person, place and event becomes more harmonious and peaceful when you drop the expectation that it must appear only a certain way for you.

You are fully conscious but the mind is not labeling everything and you are being opened to the vast intelligence that is here to assist you. You will find experiences happening for the better.

Allowing the moment is enough. Surrender is to surrender to this moment, not to the story you think of about this moment. Is your mind now making up a story about the negativeness of your life? Surrender comes when you no longer ask why is this happening to me. Even of the worst situations have a seed of grace. Accepting the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world. There are regions of life where no answer or question works and you find you need to give up trying to work it and move things about to find an answer, sometimes surrendering means giving up. Giving up trying to think with your limited thinking mind. When you are not overthinking, then the greater mind is able to flow in and do what is necessary. You get out of its way. You fully accept that you do not know. Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand.

There is nothing personal in a person who must cause others great unhappiness and themselves. Forgive them they are playing out the state of non-surrender in consciousness. To surrender is to shift from the reaction to the space around the reaction. Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace.


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