Study: 90 per cent of professionals admit to going to work sick

Study: 90 per cent of professionals admit to going to work sick
Study: 90 per cent of professionals admit to going to work sick

Flu season is upon us. Are your coworkers coming to work sick?

In new study from global staffing firm Accountemps, 89 per cent of professionals in Canada admitted they’ve at least sometimes come to the office with cold or flu symptoms. Of those respondents, 27 per cent always go to work even when they’re under the weather.

More than half of those who report to the office with the cold or flu (54 per cent) do so because they have too much work to do; another 33 per cent don’t want to use a sick day.

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“Workers often worry about falling behind by taking a sick day, but that mentality may be doing more harm than good,” said Koula Vasilopoulos, district president for Accountemps, a division of Robert Half. “A healthy workplace is a happier, and ultimately more productive, environment. Taking the time to stay home and get better is not only good for your own wellbeing, it also shows consideration for your colleagues, your quality of work, and the overall success of your team.”

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“It’s up to managers set the example by steering clear of the office when under the weather, and ensuring their teams follow suit,” added Vasilopoulos. “Maintain open lines of communication to better recognize when employees are ill and provide solutions for managing sick days ― like remote work options or bringing in temporary help ― so workers feel supported and encouraged to get healthy.”

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