Psilocybin in mushrooms can help people quit smoking

Psilocybin in mushrooms can help people quit smoking
Psilocybin in mushrooms can help people quit smoking

A hallucinogen may have a benefit other than ‘tripping’ after all! In a small study conducted by researchers at John Hopkins University, it was found mushrooms had a remarkable effect on smoking cessation. In a report published on Sept, psilocybin (which is the component in over 200 species of mushrooms) appeared to aid in the abstinence of smoking cigarettes in long-term cigarette smokers. An astonishing 80% of the study’s participants were nicotine-free after the six months follow-up.

It is widely known that individuals who try to quit smoking usually fail on the first attempt without help. Most people require additional cessation resources or programs to successfully quit smoking. These resources can include counseling, behavioral therapy or medications. The popular medications prescribed for smoking cessation are bupropion SR (Zyban®) and varenicline tartrate (Chantix®). The success rate for quitting smoking is higher when medication and counseling are combined and under the care of a physician.

The success rate for varenicline in smoking cessation treatments is approximately 35% after six months. Other treatment plans are not as effective and can be lower than 30%. Overall, 25% of smokers who implement medications in smoking cessation programs are smoke-free after six months.

According to the American Cancer Society, only 4% to 7% of individuals who quit successfully do so without any intervention by a physician. Although it is highly recommended to try to quit smoking without intervention before resorting to cessation methods, most smokers need help as nicotine is considered an addictive drug.

*Do not use psilocybin as a self-help treatment for quitting smoking. It is considered a dangerous drug.


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