Eating at home is sometimes unhealthy

Eating at home is sometimes unhealthy
Eating at home is sometimes unhealthy

There is an old wise tale that eating at home is always best for your health. This may not always be true. Doctors Health Press reported, eating at home can increase your risk for getting metabolic syndrome. A new study shows that eating at home isn’t always good for you.

It has traditionally been said by health professionals that one of the most effective things which you can do to lose weight is to begin cooking more meals. It has generally been believed that eating at home gives you better control over sizes of portions and ingredients which are put into your food. It has therefore been said that home-cooked meals can help decrease your risk for metabolic syndrome, hypertension, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

However, an important consideration which has often been overlooked in the home-cooked meal movement is pointed out as being that it matters what you cook. A recent study showed that the more time middle-aged women spend cooking at home, the greater the likelihood they were to have metabolic syndrome, therefore increasing their risk for heart disease and diabetes.

NPR the Salt reports cooking at home isn’t necessarily always good health advice. A recent study by researchers at Rush University in Chicago has found that the more time middle-aged women spent cooking at home, the more likely they were to get sick with metabolic syndrome. It appears one reason for this is that a lot of baked treats such as brownies, cakes, and pies are often prepared at home. However, another consideration is that it’s possible women who were at the greatest risk for heart disease and diabetes were more motivated to cook at home.

Bradley Appelhans, associate professor of preventive medicine at Rush University Medical Center and lead author of the study, says that it should not be assumed that the message from this study is that cooking is always bad for your health. It has been concluded that there should be a greater emphasis on cooking healthfully, not just cooking frequently, in public health interventions. So remember if you want to cook at home or eat out what really matters is what you eat.


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