A useful tip for the effect of computer use on brain health and function

A useful tip for the effect of computer use on brain health and function
A useful tip for the effect of computer use on brain health and function

When most people think of computer use, one of the things that comes to the mind is the brain.

Many may assume that the eyes control the seeing function. Actually, we see with our brains. The eyes are the camera that the brain uses in carrying out the seeing function.

Consequently, computer use has a direct impact on the brain and its health.

Though people may find themselves feeling overwhelmed, developing headaches, dry eyes or allergy or asthma like symptoms during or after computer use, they do not necessarily attribute it to the fact that the artificial light emitting from the computer screen may be affecting their brain function.

Because of this, many are unable to effectively communicate their symptoms to their doctors. Since the issue of computer related health conditions is not well known to the medical profession, many people are routinely misdiagnosed. Their symptoms are misread as other more commonly known ailments more familiar to the medical profession.

The medical profession cannot really be blamed for this as computer related health issues are not taught in medical school. Further, these issues do not lend themselves to being resolved by medication, which is the way our medical system normally resolves medical issues. In the case of computer related health conditions, medication only results in a revolving cycle of ever changing drugs with no end in sight.

The problem is that the computer exposes us to artificially generated light, which is lifeless.

However, it is the life in the sunlight our brain receives that stimulates the production of various biochemicals such as the neurotransmitter Gamma Butyric Acid (GABA) that keeps us calm and carry out the various nerve messaging functions that enable us handle life’s stresses.

That is why one feels calm outdoors in the presence of sunlight but anxious in the presence of computer light. One stimulates biochemical production the other depletes the available biochemicals.

Since the problem is the availability of life containing light, it mostly affects the soul area and therefore cannot be resolved by medication.

One of the various repair kits available in nature to help manage the issue by helping us increase the availability of light containing light in us is the art of going for daily walks outdoors. It exercises our muscles and provides the life light from the sun the brain needs.


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