Aliens on Mars? Crashed UFO Spotted on Red Planet (Photo)

Aliens on Mars? Crashed UFO Spotted on Red Planet (Picture)
Aliens on Mars? Crashed UFO Spotted on Red Planet (Picture)

A triangular-shaped object has been found on the surface of Mars near a dome structure.

And truth-seekers believe this is a crashed UFO near an alien base on the Red Planet.

The narrator of the Secureteam video stated that the triangular shaped object is undoubtedly an alien ship used by extra-terrestrial beings. The narrator also added that the domes near the UFO are meant to cover existing bases, so that a breathable atmosphere will be formed there.

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In the meantime, several other groups of conspiracy theorists claim that world’s leading space agencies including NASA are well aware of the existence of alien life, but they are silent about the news for unknown reasons. Earlier, conspiracy theorists have also alleged that humans are not visiting moon due to the presence of an alien civilization there. As per the theorists, aliens had warned never to come back to Moon again, and that is the reason why space agencies are not conducting more lunar missions.

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However, viewers’ reaction on Youtube is quite different. After seeing the still photo on Youtube, one viewer asked why even the helicopter was photoshopped on it. One wondered whether the shadow on the ground was made to look real with the help of modern technology.

Jesse James Kalse, questions:”Only thing I don’t understand is why there isn’t any video of it. All photo cameras can also make video’s, so that’s a bit of a red flag for me.”

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Another said the still video was photo-shopped while another joined him saying,”Oh for crying out loud even the helicopter is pasted in.”


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