Picture: Girl in 121-year-old photo resembles Greta Thunberg

Picture: Girl in 121-year-old photo resembles Greta Thunberg
Picture: Girl in 121-year-old photo resembles Greta Thunberg

The long braided pigtails, the face shape, and the look in the eyes of a girl in a photograph from 1898 have sparked online theories that the climate activist Greta Thunberg is actually a time traveler who journeyed to 2019 to save the world.

The photo shows three young children working at a gold mine in Canada, one of which is a girl sporting Greta’s signature hair braid and well, exact face. The picture was recently discovered in archives at the University of Washington. Historians believe the photo was taken around 1898.

Could this be an explanation to why this extraordinary 16-year-old seems to be far beyond her years? You could say it is merely a coincidence, but conspiracy theorists disagree and are lapping this one up – saying she is a time traveler.

“Maybe she is from the future who was sent back in time to key moments in history to stop climate change,” suggested Twitter user Kelly Edwards.

Another Twitter user wrote: “In other news, Greta Thunberg is a time traveler.”

While one was very sure about their theory and wrote: “What it is, right, is that actually she’s a time traveler, and she’s come to warn us about the future. It’s the only explanation.” So, what is your take?

Earlier this year, Thunberg’s speech during the UN Climate Action Summit took the world by storm. She accused the political leaders and lawmakers of destroying the environment and ruining the future of kids.


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