China’s Race to Find Aliens First, Report

China's Race to Find Aliens First, Report
China's Race to Find Aliens First, Report

China is confident it will be the first to make contact with Alien Life thanks to the world’s largest radio dish which can detect signals from even the deepest parts of space.

China has reportedly poured billions on this project, and this flagship observatory is custom-built to receive messages from extra-terrestrial life forms. If any signs of extra-terrestrial life come to the Earth, then China will be the first country to receive it, making it one step ahead of the US in this field.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has invited eminent science fiction writer Liu Cixin to visit the radio dish. Liu, widely regarded as the country’s patriarch in science fiction writing, has given advice to Chinese space agency on various space missions. According to Liu, the dish is looking like ‘something out of science fiction’. The author also believes that the impact of a possible ‘first contact’ is unpredictable as it may sometimes result in the extinction of the human species on the planet.

Earlier, renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking has also made similar claims regarding the first contact. Hawking believes that aliens may be technologically more advanced than us, and they can easily kill the entire human community.

“Perhaps in ten thousand years, the starry sky that humankind gazes upon will remain empty and silent. But perhaps tomorrow we’ll wake up and find an alien spaceship the size of the Moon parked in orbit,” wrote Liu Cixin in one of his books.

Liu Cixin’s recent work ‘The Three-Body Problem’ has won the Hugo Award recently, and it even received appreciation from former US President Barrack Obama. After reading the book, Obama has told that ‘The Three-Body Problem’ took him to a world of wild imagination, and has reshaped his existing cosmic perspective.

UFO sightings continue in China

As China is busy searching for alien life, many unauthentic claims of UFO sightings are getting reported in the country on a regular basis. A week ago, one suspected UFO sighting allegedly occurred above the Great Wall of China, and the video of the encounter had gone viral on social media platforms. However, Chinese authorities have not given any explanation for this sighting.


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