Bigfoot has been found and killed

Bigfoot has been found and killed
Bigfoot has been found and killed

The legend of the Bigfoot has supposedly been solved, although myself, as well as scientists in general, are still skeptical, a man by the name of Rick Dyer claims to have shot a Bigfoot outside of San Antonio, Texas. The man claims to have lured the Bigfoot to him with over $200 worth of spare ribs. Nobody knows if this is just a hoax, or if it is actually the real deal.

The self-proclaimed, “Best Bigfoot hunter in the world” is planning on bringing his stuffed Bigfoot with him on a tour around the world. This recent news has sparked many conversations around the world. Many people are still skeptical, although Dyer claims to have done DNA testing that proves the carcass is actually a Bigfoot. What is not understood is how he can claim to have positive DNA testing. If nobody has ever had Bigfoot DNA, then how can he prove through DNA testing that this is in fact a Sasquatch?

The only picture of this supposed Bigfoot is shown in this article. The picture was taken from Rick Dyer’s Facebook page. This is not even the first time that Dyer has claimed to have killed a Bigfoot. Back in 2008 he claimed to have killed a Bigfoot, and it turned out to be a rubber Sasquatch suit. That is just another reason why everyone should still be skeptical.

So far, the only real evidence that this man has shown to the world is a great close up picture of the beast. Many people have already dissected this picture and basically state many reasons why the picture is a fake, from the way the hair is growing, to the distance between facial features.

It is absolutely amazing that Sasquatch has eluded people for this long. If there is such a creature, why hasn’t anyone ever taken a clear photograph of one? Technology is everywhere. There are even video cameras in undisclosed locations dedicated to capturing a glimpse of a Bigfoot. If we can have high definition videos of a rare microscopic organism from the bottom of the ocean, then if sasquatches (which live among us on land) are real, there should be some sort of actual physical evidence of them. Time will only tell if the legend of the Bigfoot is actually real, although time is pretty much out in this case.


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