Vulnerability leads to mental freedom and a powerful life

Vulnerability leads to mental freedom and a powerful life
Vulnerability leads to mental freedom and a powerful life

Most people are afraid to talk about the condition of their life or their fears, because they are afraid to be judged and rejected by those they doubt they can trust with the information. When we are wrapped in shame and fear, asking for help is an action so deeply buried in our psyche, it often takes hitting rock bottom before doing so or the intuitive actions of people who truly care enough to meet us before we get there.

A person who possesses the strength and fortitude to be vulnerable in the face of shame and rejection are among the rarest and bravest people on this planet. If we are blessed enough to make it to this level of awareness, we may find out that there is more rejection in our lives when we reach out for help, than support. And there is that special breed of people that appear to be concerned by giving us the appearance of help and nothing else. They mysteriously disappear and periodically check-in, sometimes with a “qualifying line of questioning” to determine whether they will or will not offer assistance or just to give a false sense of hope.

People like that should be far removed from our physical life; if it’s a loved one; sometimes they are best loved from afar. Our energy is too valuable and is needed to find viable solutions to change our lives for the better, not hold it hostage to amuse someone else who is imprisoned by their own narcissism or fears.

The moment you recognize this, don’t beat yourself up or even get angry with them, just be thankful you recognized it and remove them like an ingrown toe nail, because they will dig into your soul and try to pull your spirit out, desperately holding on to their egos. The sooner you see it, the easier it is to take back your power and thrive. In situations like this, paying attention to the actions of people in your life, helps you make better decisions for yourself and can save a lot of further suffering.

We’ve all made choices in life that perhaps has caused us hardship and pain, but no matter what, redemption is our right to have and no one gets to keep us from it. To keep moving forward in spite of all of that takes great faith, courage, tenacity and will. You can and will survive it because the power to do so is yours and yours alone. Your purpose in their life may have been greater than you know. God does not allow adversity and hardships in our lives just to test our strength and faith; he also allows it to test the generosity, kindness and compassion of others.

This awareness often comes through the sobering reality of life’s truths leading us to mental freedom. The more vulnerable and honest we are and brave enough to expose our own stuff, which inadvertently cleanses our hearts and minds; the more miracles we see in life, the more joy and freedom we have to live it and the more courage we have to deflect the darts of all who “pretend” to care, judge us and our methods to be transparent and authentic to live a wholehearted purposeful life.


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