Sarcoidosis suffers hear it all the time: ‘You don’t look sick!’

Sarcoidosis suffers hear it all the time: ‘You don’t look sick!’
Sarcoidosis suffers hear it all the time: ‘You don’t look sick!’

Sufferers of the autoimmune disease Sarcoidosis and many other autoimmune diseases do not all rear their ugly heads by painting a sad face on those who are afflicted with this mysterious illness.

There are times that they look like nothing is wrong, but when the immune system decides to send the wrong messages to the body, then the consequences are often dire.

How many rounds of bronchitis or pneumonia have you been the victim of? Those whose lungs are affected by this disease, know the pain, the shortness of breath and asthmatic conditions that can debilitate them. Some are affected with exacerbations of multiple body systems in addition to the lungs. When the lymph nodes are involved, it can cause problems with the salivary glands, neck, armpits and several other places in the body, but Sarcoidosis has no boundaries and can attack any organ at any given time.

The skin can bear the rosy raised markings on any part of the body and cause severe itching when it flares up. The eyesight can be affected if it attacks the optic nerve, making it important to have a yearly examination by an ophthalmologist who is familiar with this condition.

Hair loss is another symptom of this condition that fortunately does not affect all those with Sarcoidosis. The brain and spinal cord can also be affected if the condition goes neuro, causing problems with motility.

You owe it to yourself to be your best judge of your condition. Many people with Sarcoidosis have had years of misdiagnoses prior to finally being correctly diagnosed. If you are a person with Sarcoidosis or any other autoimmune disease, your best bet is to keep a journal and write down all symptoms and conditions; no matter how insignificant they may seem.


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