Menopausal symptom sufferers get a boost from Utah product

Menopausal symptom sufferers get a boost from Utah product
Menopausal symptom sufferers get a boost from Utah product

Menopause marks a normal time in a woman’s life when menstruation ceases and her reproductive years end. But for some women, menopause also means hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood changes and memory problems. To address this issue two visionary product formulators from Utah developed an all-natural progesterone product.

As a woman’s body prepares to transition from ovulation and menstruation to menopause—usually between the age of 45 and 55—her body undergoes several changes, including the marked decreases in the production of estrogen and progesterone.

Hormones are vital chemical messengers that influence virtually every cell, organ and function in the human body. Estrogenic hormones—estrone, estrodial and estriol—are responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics. Progesterone is a vital female hormone well-known for its role in preparing the body for conception and pregnancy. However, it is also involved in regulating a myriad of body functions, such as body temperature, inflammation, muscle relaxation, immune system modulation, libido, energy utilization and helps prevent endometrial cancer.

Until 2002, conventional medicine attacked menopausal discomfort with synthetic or animal hormones, known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, the findings of a large clinical trial surrounding HRT were released in 2002, which revealed synthetic and animal HRT offered relatively few health benefits and included some significant risks. Side effects include an increased risk of heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, bloating, breast soreness, headaches, mood swings, nausea, water retention, blood clots and abnormal mammograms—particularly false positives.

Seeing a need for an alternative to synthetic hormones in the management of menopause, a team of researchers, including Dan Purser, M.D., and Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, formulated a biologically-identical, naturally occurring progesterone from wild yams called Progessence Plus Serum. According to Dr. Purser, a leading women’s health expert and author of nine books, 98 percent of menopausal symptoms can be resolved by natural progesterone.

Estrogen dominance—excess estrogen in relation to progesterone—has been linked to a host of health conditions, such as endometriosis, irregular menses, migraines, mood disorders, low libido, weight gain, osteoporosis, uterine fibroids and breast cancer. The opposite is true when enough natural human or biologically-identical progesterone exists to create balance.

Progessence Plus Serum utilizes an innovative delivery system of USP-grade super-micronized progesterone melted with vitamin E and essential oils to maximize performance and absorption. Unlike other hormone therapies, it is unnecessary to cycle application sites when using Progessence Plus Serum.

For sufferers of menopausal symptoms this product can be a life changer and a safer alternative to synthetic HRT.


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