Interactive map reveals the locations of “UFO sightings”

Interactive map reveals the locations of UFO sightings
Interactive map reveals the locations of UFO sightings

Sightings of UFOs appear to be on the rise, and now an interactive map can reveal whether ‘aliens’ have been seen in your area.

The map, created by UFO Stalker based on the MUFON Case Management System, reveals that a total of 83,715 sightings have been reported this year alone – 12 per cent higher than the number of sighting in 2016.

Most of us have seen a UFO at least once.

Whether UFO’s are really alien beings cruising around in Earth’s sky is one thing, but accepting that the UFO phenomenon is real is an entirely different matter.

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Did you know that according to the MUFON Case Management System, a total of 83,715 sightings have been reported in 2017, which is 12 percent higher than the number of UFO sighting reported in 2016.

This interactive map helps users see UFO sightings reports based on location and date.

The tool is not limited to a single country or location, and you can literally explore the entire planet based on UFO sightings which are categorized by type of sighting, time of the event, location, and whether or not the user who submitted the sighting posted a video or image of the event.

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A Pretty handy tool, right?

Most UFO sightings are concentrated in the US.

So far, 26 reports have been submitted in the US in November.

‘I saw a large fireball pass over my house at about 1000 feet – no noise, traveling about 15 mph,’ one person, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, claimed on December 25.
Another, from Tillamook Oregon, said they saw ‘One mother ship with four smaller destinct [sic] satellite objects moving randomly,’ on January 18, 2009.

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There are countless practical explanations for strange lights appearing in the sky or even in photos captured in space.

Weather is often to blame, or phenomena such as meteor showers and aircraft tests.
And, often, it’s just a trick of the light.

Of bizarre UFO sightings spotted around the International Space Station, for example, a Nasa spokesperson explained in the past, ‘Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.’


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