A Couple Apparently Tried To Do The Lift From “Dirty Dancing” And Knocked Each Other Unconscious.

Andy and Sharon Price, due to marry later in the year, had “watched the movie more than 30 times”, reports the Independent, and wanted to recreate the famous scene in which Jennifer Grey leaps into the arms of Patrick Swayze.

However, the were left sprawled unconcious on the grass after their attempt failed and they clashed heads.

At first, their family members thought they were joking, but quickly realised it was serious and dialled 999. The pair were rushed to hospital.

Sharon said: “We were in the beer garden and my niece and nephew were messing around trying to do the lift.

“When I ran at Andy, he tried to lift me and we collided. We’re OK now but my back still hurts.”

They two have known each other for 18 months, reports The Daily Mirror, and plan marry later this year. But when the big day comes around, the couple say they’ll be opting for a “slow one” for their first dance instead.