Frontier Developments announced that it will bring its massively multiplayer space epic Elite Dangerous to the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

The PS4 version of Elite Dangerous will come with every expansion to date, bringing players the full experience from day one. Elite Dangerous: Horizons season pass and custom PlayStation 4 features, include:

• Touch Navigation. Explore Elite Dangerous’ map of the Milky Way with a swipe using touchpad controls that make navigation fast and easy.

• Extra Control. Customize four additional touchpad ‘hotkeys’ to suit your own play style.

• Fast Headlook. Quickly track your enemies in the heat of combat with optional motion-based headlook controls powered by the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.

Frontier CEO and Eliteco-creator David Braben had this to say:

We’re thrilled to bring Elite Dangerous to PlayStation 4,’ said Frontier CEO and Eliteco-creator David Braben. ‘Elite Dangerous is unlike any other space game, with a rich multiplayer or single-player space, a true-to-life galaxy including our own entire night sky, real physics, unique ship handling characteristics and a player-driven narrative that’s really heating up. The galaxy has been stable for centuries, but all that is about to change. PlayStation 4 players will be joining our galaxy at a very exciting time.’