Scientists at a space research center in France are looking for able-bodied volunteers to lie in a bed for nearly two months.

According to Canada Journal, the Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology (Medes) is looking for “sporty males” between the ages of 20 and 45 willing to spend 60 days in bed as part of a study on microgravity’s effects on the human body.

Dr. Arnaud Beck, a coordinating physician of the study, told French publication 20 Minutes Tuesday that the idea is to “reproduce the weightlessness” found on the International Space Station. The study will be conducted in three phases. “During the first two weeks, our scientific teams do a series of examinations and measurements on the volunteers,” Dr. Beck explained. “[Then] follows a period of 60 days during which they must remain totally bedridden, with the head slightly inclined downwards, at least 6 degrees.” The final two weeks of the study will consist of rehab and recovery.

“Under these specific conditions, the cardiovascular system is impacted,” Dr. Beck said. “It is no longer able to provide the same effort as before departure or before bed rest.” Participants, who will ultimately walk away with €16,000 ($17,082) for their troubles, should also expect to lose some muscle in the lower body and will likely experience reduced bone density. Sounds fun.

If helping science while remaining in bed for 60 days sounds doable, click here for more info. Note: participants are required to perform “all bodily functions” while in bed.