Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques comes home to Montreal, Report

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques comes home to Montreal, Report
Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques comes home to Montreal, Report

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques is back in Canada for the first time since returning to earth on June 24 after a 204 day mission aboard the space station.

One would think that after a 6-month voyage into space one’s life back on Earth would be indisputably mundane. What can be more exciting than living aboard the International Space Station and being among the stars? If you ask Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques he would respond that, among the two, Earth is more interesting than any quest into space.

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After such an experience, Saint-Jacques feels more attracted to life on Earth, especially for the little pleasures of life. Obviously, he does not regret anything about his voyage to space. Who would? But there were several things he missed while on the International Space Station, such as fresh fruits, the wind, among other things. But the ones he missed more were his children.

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David Saint-Jacques was received like a hero upon his return back to his home country. He was welcomed by Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains and had several interviews in which he described the mission and also some of the memorable parts of being in space. Among them can be enumerated the time when he used Canadarm2 to “cosmic catch” a SpaceX cargo when he went on a spacewalk that lasted six hours and a half or the moment he left the International Space Station behind in his spacesuit and he felt both insignificant and not alone.

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